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Welcome to our TAXIDANCE agency.

You need a partner to go out and dance?
We help you to find a polite, charming partner
mainly for following events:

Ball at Dancing School floors
Events with music for ballroom dancing
Dance Clubs with ballroom dancing
Tourist and Business Escort Service

Our dancers know standard and latin dances
like Walz, Rhumba, Huzzle, Swing, Salsa

High education and good manners enable them
to guide you to any business event where you canīt go without a partner

Our clients are Ladies and Gentlemen
We offer a high social level
chargeing moderate and affordable fees
based on the eventīs level.

Please picture the following two examples:

You are on a business trip to...
In the evening you prefer to leave the hotel
you want to take part in the typical way to go out
i.e. visiting a nice local cocktail bar,
places to meet native urban people of the city
and dance with an experianced native at a club which is secure

Get escorted by a serious, educated, polite, attractive
Private Taxi-Dancer who is talking your language

At time of an event with Ball Room Dancing...
there is no dance partner available
but you MUST be present?

Donīt cancel your plans!
Contact the Private TAXI-DANCER Escort Service
and inform us in time about your shedule and destination
We will arrange a date with someone who has
knowledge of polite and intelligent small talk
and who fits your age and altitude.

We do not offer more than escorting
For any other requests please contact different agencys
Thank you for understanding our vision and policy

We build up this
Private TAXI-DANCER Escort Service
for any city, any country, world wide.

Our headquarter is in Germany, City: Mannheim

Located between Heidelberg and Frankfurt/Main
we already operate our service for this region.

Please bookmark this page and recommend us
to your collegues if they have a business trip

Contact and more Information

about employees and jobs write to


Private TAXI-DANCER Escort Service



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